Bulk SMS

Sending SMS to many people is just one click away. The system will handle delivering your message to your clients and provide you the necessary information about your sent message

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Do you want to send SMS periodically? Using our new platform, sending a periodic message to your customers is much easier than before. All you need to do is register your contacts.

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Integration Through API

Negarit comes with an API that you can integrate with your application. We provide a simple and neat API and API documentation that can guide you through integrating your system with Negarit

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Ready Made Plugins

We have different kinds of plugins that can let you use the Negarit SMS Solution on your preferred platforms like Wordpress, Joomla etc.

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Negarit comes with many custom components

Negarit`s web application provides you many components that can help you with your business process while using Negarit

Dashboard | Statistics

Negarit provides you the necessary statistical figures and data about your usage on Negarit platform.

Contact Manager

To help you get start using Negarit, we provide highly customizable and simple contact management


Messaging Service

Schedule messages, Periodic messages, Auto replay messages, Custom messages are some of the messaging service of Negarit Platform

Users Management

The user management helps you to give access to your administrators in different access level.

More and more extra great feautres

When you use negarit


MT & MO Configuration

Negarit enables you to easily configure MT and MO SMS ports with Ethio-Telecom SMPP Server. At the same time, you can generate revenue by providing VAS services.


Mobile Port

Negarit has an application which can help you use your smartphone as SMS Gateway. This service makes it very easy to get started using Negarit


SMS Actions

Negarit provides you a simple way to trigger different kind of activity when an SMS is received and sent by your system. And also connect web hook for other systems too.


Customized Messages

When you want to send a customized messages for your contacts


We provide you three packages of negarit for you. so that you can meet your needs

  • አጋፋሪ | Basic
  • This service plan is highly recommended if your need is to send not more than 200 SMS in an hour and if your usage plan is only a few days per month.
  • 999 Birr / month
  • Negarit SMS Port
  • 5 Mobile Ports max
  • 200 SMS / Hour
  • Signup
  • ባላምበራስ | Standard
  • This allows you to send up to 100,000 SMS per month. You can also integrate your mobile SMS Gateway with the system for free
  • 9,999 Birr / month
  • 1 SMS Ports
  • Custom ShortCode Name
  • MT and MO SMS Port
  • 0.25 Birr / SMS
  • Signup
  • ድጅ አዝማች | Premium
  • We recommend this service plan when you want to send more than 100,000 SMS per month. And you plan is to send SMS frequently and fast.
  • 13,999 birr / month
  • 2 SMS Ports
  • MT and MO SMS Port
  • 0.20 birr / SMS
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Signup

Many organizations are realizing the potential of sms marketing. because they care for their customers so they are choosing Negarit SMS solution for effective and easy communication

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